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Couples Counseling

Mental Health & Counseling located in Ohio City, Cleveland, OH

Couples Counseling
Couples Counseling

When you and your partner can’t agree on a significant decision, if communication breaks down, or if conflicts and anger spiral out of control, it’s time to schedule couples counseling with the skilled therapists at PMA Assessment and Counseling in Cleveland, Ohio. They offer personalized counseling that has helped many couples restore their connection, overcome challenges, and build stronger relationships. Call the office today or use online booking to schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment to get skilled counseling that helps couples find their way back to harmony.

Couples Counseling


Couples therapy helps partners overcome challenges to their relationship, resolve conflicts, and learn how to restore a loving, trusting relationship.

The PMA Assessment and Counseling therapists create a safe, judgment-free environment where each person can express their feelings and needs.

The team treats all couples respectfully, honoring their client’s unique cultural heritage and providing LGBTQ+ and BIPOC-affirming couples therapy.

At PMA Assessment and Counseling, the team is dedicated to making couples counseling accessible, offering sessions in the office and through convenient telehealth visits.

What is couples therapy?

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Couples Counseling








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The best time to seek therapy is before your challenges escalate and threaten your relationship. However, counseling is often considered as a last option after one or both partners believe separating is inevitable. The caring PMA Assessment and Counseling therapists often help couples with issues such as:

• Lack of honest communication
• Negative or disrespectful communication
• Disagreements over money
• Conflicting parenting styles
• Loss of intimacy or sexual problems
• Difficulty controlling anger
• Mental or emotional abuse
• Infidelity and loss of trust
• Mental health disorders in one or both partners
• Challenges related to racism and discrimination

Couples therapy can also help couples facing major life decisions. For example, one person may want to move while the other doesn’t, or you may need help navigating whether to build your family.

When should we seek couples counseling?

Couples therapy can save your relationship by giving you a safe place to talk and express thoughts, wants, needs, and emotions. Your therapist listens, offers insight, and teaches you skills to improve communication, honor boundaries, overcome conflicts, and restore love and intimacy.

While you can’t predict the outcome, counseling gives you the support you need to build a long-lasting relationship with your partner.

What advantages might I gain with couples therapy?
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